K1CK.LoL Keeps the Momentum Going

Another round, another victory for the K1CK League of Legends team in Ultraliga, making it the 4th in a row! After a shaky start with 2 defeats, as the team wanted to welcome the new players and mount a strategy so that everyone would feel comfortable playing with their new teammates, K1CK.LoL engaged in a series of victories and at the end of round 6, the 0-2 score turned into a 4-2, looking forward to get to the turning point of this competition with a 5-2 score.

Matches number 5 and 6 were played during our presence at EPC, Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw, where our players and staff are doing a bootcamp in order to prepare for what’s ahead of us and properly preserve our Ultraliga Polish Champion title, so we may say that it was a rather productive and needed get-together. Here is the K1CK team that will be defending our colors in the upcoming matches and tournaments:



Kackos (Top Laner)   Krzysztof Kubziakowski
Bruness (Jungler)   Bruno Freund
Matislaw (Mid Laner)    Mateusz Zagórski
Puki Style (ADC)    Łukasz Zygmunciak
Raxxo (Support)    Oskar Bazydło
Flash (Coach)    Michał Kosicki
MARIN1 (Analyst)    Michał Baranowski


We count on your support to push us towards victory, as always!

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