K1CK Proving Grounds

Already qualified to the Proving Grounds Season 2 finals, a $5,000 USD Apex Legends event, our K1CK.apex team did even better than the 2nd place at Qualifier #1 and won Qualifier #3. Starting on June the 22nd, six teams have booked their presence at the finals, but there are still 14 vacant spots to be filled up in the next weeks through more qualifiers.

The usual K1CK Apex Legends line-up is already practicing hard for the ALGS Winter Playoffs, our next stop, so June will undoubtedly be a month full of Apex action for these players:


Jacuu Jacek Woś
Siebakk Dominik Szałapski
Denzaay Denis Brendstrup


If you fancy watching quality Apex Legends scrims and matches, tune in to Denzaay’s twitch channel where he usually streams all the competitions that the team attends. See you at the battlegrounds!

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