Changes in K1CK.Apex

Now that the Apex Legends Global Series – Winter Circuit is underway, our  K1CK.apex team has scored a total of 1230 ALGS points, by finishing ALGS Winter Circuit #1 Europe on the 9th place. Having the Winter Circuit #2 tournament in mind, a competition that will take place on February 19th-21st, we have decided to make a change in the usual three player line-up, so we would like to welcome Jacek “Jacuu” Woś, a debut playing for K1CK.

In fact, this Apex Legends Winter Circuit is composed by 4 tournaments and a last chance qualifier that will lead to the Winter Playoffs, where the teams will be fighting for a piece of the $138,330 USD prize purse, all of them focused on the $48,000 USD that the winning team will take home.
We would like to thank Mikołaj “KIMCZU” Klimczyk for all his hard work and dedication, plus the important contribution in the beginning of this race towards the playoffs.
So here is your K1CK Apex Legends team line-up:

Jacuu   Jacek Woś
Siebakk   Dominik Szałapski
Denzaay   Denis Brendstrup


Keep following our players and don’t forget to tune in to Denzaay’s twitch channel where he usually streams all the competitions that the team attends. See you on February the 21st as K1CK is already qualified to the Winter Circuit #2 Europe finals!

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