K1CK Back to Rocket League!

Once again K1CK will be competing in the Rocket League servers all around the world but with the main focus in Brazil, the country from where our K1CK.rl division comes from. Featuring experienced players and some young blood, this team is eager to warm up the engines at the RLCS 2022-23 – Spring: South America Regional 1 – Spring Open that will be starting quite soon.


So the new K1CK team that will be defending our colors in Rocket League is:


repi   Felipe Chaves
matix Matheus Rodrigues
roods Rodrigo Alves Cavalcante


Don’t miss out on the Rocket League streamings that we will be producing before, during and after our participation in another exciting tournament in the South America region. Keep following us through our social networks and be ready for an amazing split with another K1CK team!

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