Meet the New K1CK.LoL Line-up!

Now that Ultraliga‘s Season 6 is about to begin, here at K1CK we are getting ready for some weeks of entertainment and exciting League of Legends matches. Seeking our second Championship title in the league, we have made a few changes in the roster, welcoming new members that come from different countries. So without further delay, here is the K1CK line-up for the next split and hopefully for the European Masters 2021 Summer edition:




Sacre (Top Laner) Toni Sabalić
Stefan (Jungler) Stefan Nikolic
Matislaw (Mid Laner) Mateusz Zagórski
Puki Style (ADC) Łukasz Zygmunciak
Raxxo (Support) Oskar Bazydło
EMI (Coach) Emanuel Ursachi


This is a quite experienced roster with several titles in the players pockets, so we are all eagerly waiting to watch them do what they do best: play League of Legends. If you feel the same way, just come support us throughout our journey and enjoy some top notch LoL while doing it!

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