K1CK Wins Advnce Master FIFA 2vs2

Our FIFA duo is starting the 2022-2023 season with the right foot and once again K1CK won another competition. This time it was the Advnce Master FIFA 2vs2 where we faced the popular football club Benfica in the final. The Bo5 didn’t start well for our colors but we mange to tie it up at 1-1 by winning the second match, although after losing the third one we were once more running after the result.

Then came the K1CK way of winning competitions and we turned the Bo5 around (is there another way for us?). Tying it all at 2-2 after a rather exciting penalty shootout, we won the final match that led us to a 3-2 victory and another 1st place award for our long list.

Here is the usual K1CK FIFA team that keeps scoring titles in the game:

somosnos Diogo Brás
bernasfigue5 Bernardo Figueiredo
GRobinho10 (coach) Gonçalo Leal


Check the final moments from the last match where K1CK beat SL Benfica by 1-0:

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