K1CK in ALGS Pro League once again

Once again the K1CK Apex Legends team will be participating in the ALGS Pro League, this time fighting for the best placement in the 2nd split. After reaching the playoffs in the 1st split and finishing the League on the 12th position, there was a non scheduled delay regarding the start of the 2nd split due to the dreadful war that is currently going on. Electronic Arts has made the decision to remove Russia and Belarus from their Esports Programs, so our player ojrein had to relocate to Turkey in order to participate, with K1CK still keeping the same roster:

ojrein   Svyatoslav Korochinsky
Uxako   Jose D. Llosa
Hiarka   Filipe Morgado


The competition starts today with K1CK inserted in Group D and it will be non-stop at this stage, so get ready for some great days watching all the Apex Legends action from Pro League:

Day 1- March 23

Day 2- March 24

Day 3- March 25

Day 4- March 26

Day 5- March 27

Day 6- March 28


As always, our team will have good chances of doing well, so keep following the players’ streamings, plus the official streaming, to be sure you won’t miss the amazing shots and plays that this game usually provides. Who will get the biggest share of the EMEA Group stage $125,000 USD prize money and who will get a spot in the $1,000,000 USD playoffs? Just tune in and find out, starting at 18h00 CET.

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