K1CK Pro League Victory in Day 4!

Six rounds, all played in a row in six different days, will decide who will participate in the ALGS Pro League $1M USD LAN playoffs that will take place in Stockholm at the end of April. Yesterday, it was time for the 4th round and the K1CK Apex Legends team won the day with an impressive 45 kills score, moving to second place in the overall classification and improving the chances to book a presence in the playoffs. Today we have the 5th round and once again these three players will try to put on a great show:

ojrein   Svyatoslav Korochinsky
Uxako   Jose D. Llosa
Hiarka   Filipe Morgado


Head on to the official streaming or to the alternative streaming if the official one doesn’t stream the group where K1CK is inserted. So starting at 18h00 CET, be sure you won’t miss a thing!

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