K1CK Runner-up in The Machines Arena Championship 2021

A new game has arrived in town and K1CK is taking part in this $10 000 USD winner-takes-it-all The Machines Arena Championship 2021. Still in the closed alpha stage, we can say that it was a lot of fun to watch the Bo3 Round of 16 and the quarter finals that took place yesterday, where K1CK beat Buzzkill and Sangal Esports with a 2-0 score, advancing to the semi finals that will take place on Sunday.

** UPDATE **

K1CK beat Dusty 3-0 and advanced to the Final!

Copenhagen Flames were stronger at the final and won the tournament. K1CK was the runner-up in this first attempt at TMA. Well played everybody!


The teams in the other side of the bracket are Alliance and Copenhagen Flames, so everything is aligned for a great final match. Regarding the roster and if you look closely to the K1CK player’s list, you will find nightyz familiar face along with his Mindnerd, fleikez and richy teammates.

So on Sunday 19h00 BST / 20h00 CET don’t forget to watch the performance of this new K1CK team in a quite recent game, on Faceit Twitch Channel!

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