K1CK Wins FPF FIFA Super Cup!

After some exciting and quite melodramatic moments that took place at FC Porto’s stadium last night, K1CK beat the home team FC Porto in Estádio do Dragão by a 3-2 score, in a rather thrilling Bo5 that added the FPF Super Cup Champions title to our long awards list.

Trailing behind on the scoreboard at 0-1 and 1-2, our team managed to win the 4th and 5th matches in two dramatic penalty shootouts, securing the victory in yet another FIFA competition. Emotions were running high on location, with the home crowd rooting for their club, but our players kept their cool and saved a series of penalties that ultimately resulted in the conquest of 2023’s first trophy.

Here is the usual K1CK FIFA team that keeps scoring titles in the game:

somosnos Diogo Brás
bernasfigue5 Bernardo Figueiredo
GRobinho10 (coach) Gonçalo Leal


Check the final moments from the last match where K1CK beat FC Porto in the penalty shootout:

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