K1CK Wins ESEA Main Regular Season #41

Having reached a 12-0 score during the ESEA Main Regular Season #41, our K1CK.csgo formation has finished this stage of the competition on the highest place of the podium with a final score of 13 victories and only 1 defeat. As a result of this good performance throughout the regular season, the K1CK team will now be entering the playoffs stage as seed #1, starting on June the 20th.

The five K1CK players that have achieved this result are, as usual, the following:




v1c7oR Viktor Dyankov
SPELLAN Teodor Nikolov
rafftu Kostadin Turbinov
AwaykeN Slaven Lyubenov
SAiKY Victorio Goranov


Keep following our teams and don’t forget to cheer for K1CK.csgo on yet another CS:GO competition!

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