K1CK Apex Wins Code Red!

After winning 3 qualifiers in a row for BoomTV’s Code Red #6 tournament, thus getting qualified to the main event, K1CK did a great job last night and finished the 8 map final on the top position, beating the usual European teams and some of the North America top organizations such as TSM, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, NRG and G2, to name just a few.

Alternating good and not so good performances throughout the tournament, it was on the second half of the competition that K1CK took the lead, after some power display with victories on the 5th and 7th rounds. Going to the last map only a few points ahead, the game was quite controlled and things didn’t change at the top, so K1CK was the team that celebrated the most in the end.

Here is the K1CK Apex Legends trio that added another tournament victory to their CV:

ojrein   Svyatoslav Korochinsky
Uxako   Jose D. Llosa
Hiarka   Filipe Morgado


This triumpht allowed the team to grab the $5 000 USD prize for 1st place and it sure is good motivation for this weekend’s ALGS Pro League matchday.

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